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Site Of the Moment:
Musings of a Housewife

A stay-at-home mom of three living it up in suburbia.

Rank Title and Description In Out
581 Free Advertising for WAHM's
1 260
Here you may find free ways to advertise for the work at home mommy. Also, you will find free ways to make money from home.
582 Zavey Bug
2 260
This blog is intended to share and remember my journey through motherhood and connect with other mothers online. I am terrified of bugs in real life, but love my Zavey Bug.
583 MamaLaw
0 260
Welcome to MamaLaw! A group blog about three moms and wives who just happen to be lawyers too. We have seven kids between us which means that we have no shortage of funny stories, touching moments, reasons to rant and the occasional kernel of parenting wi
584 Active Urban Mom
5 259
I am an active young mom living in NYC with my husband and 2 yr old daughter. As a mom, I realized that any ME I had started to get filled up with chores, dr's visits, etc. I started my blog to share what I call my 'momME-adventures' which I schedule at
585 Enlightened Mompreneur
2 258
Blog About the Wonders Created By Incorporating Motherhood, Entrepreneurship and Spiritual Life Principles into Every Day Life
586 Queen of Free
0 258
Daily helping you save money and get something for nothing!
587 This Casual Life
3 258
Pieces of my life include: Being a momma of 3. Mothering for a living. Trying to be a good wife. Being a loyal friend. Living my 'late 20s'. Being a New Yorker by blood; A New Jersey-nite through ad
588 Jeanee James Photography
1 257
A thought provoking blog called "just a thought"... It's random thoughts, humor, touching and can relate to everywoman.

589 Anon Postscript
1 257
A mother, wife, New Yorker, Indian-American, and travel enthusiast. As I transition to motherhood, I started the blog in May 2009 to connect with like-minded people dealing with the sometimes overwhel
590 Becoming Kelly
1 257
Struggles and triumphs of being a single teen mother 13 years ago, to flourishing as a married mother of 5 today.
591 The MAMA Pause
0 256
What happens when you mix Pampers with peri-menopause? According to many mid-life moms, you get tantrums, tears and major meltdowns. And the kids can behave pretty crappy too. The MAMApause
takes a humorous look at moms juggling mid-life changes, diaper
592 My Life is Beautiful
0 256
Motherhood is the toughest job in the world. But even on the worst days, there are always little pieces of happiness to be found. These are mine.
593 Giggles and Dimples
0 255
Come and follow my journey as a wife, mom, step mom, animal lover and work at home mom. Loving every giggle and dimple in my life
594 Le Musings of Moi
3 255
All things related to being a woman. From reality tv, to shopping, from marriage to parenting, and then all the things in between. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, but most of all, it w
595 A Giveaway A Day
0 254
Daily Giveaways!
596 Deuce's World: A couch with a view...
0 254
I'm the rockstar mom on the couch, with the view of the piling up toys, dishes waiting to be washed, laundry to be folded and children screaming my name...
597 The Otherside of Three AM
8 254
My life and all of the random thoughts I get around 3 am ... when my bladder, child or husband wake me up.
598 Zechariah God Remembers
16 253
Life as a part time working mom, bringing up her miracle baby (no really he is, earlier posts are about infertility struggles and my challenging pregnancy) and also my severely ill husband. Lots of h
599 Soccer Mom Says...
1 253
A Midwestern Gal's Journey Through Marriage, Motherhood and Life In General
600 Restored 316 Designs
0 252
Offering custom websites, blogs, web banners, and more! Whatever it may be, let Restored 316 Designs help take your vision into reality!

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