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Hip Mama's Place

Hip Mama's Place is a fun online community of moms who love to blog, shop, read product reviews, and win fabulous prizes!

Come join in and see what we're all about!

Rank Title and Description In Out
461 The Yes Child: A Simple Guide for Raising Great Ki
1 274
Our site is about our book, The Yes Child: A Simple Guide for Raising Great Kids, and the decisions we made as a couple in defining our child raising "philosophy." All our work is by a real couple r
462 Ashley _ A Daughter Of The King
0 272
My thoughts on living for God, scrapbooking, gardening, as well as reviews, contests, and much more
463 Relimom
0 272
Could someone turn on the light?
Looking for God and some answers.
464 Today's Daisy
4 271
Today's Daisy offers stories from a woman who is a wife, mother, and teacher trying to keep it all together. At the end of each post readers can expect the real "today's daisy" which is a piece o
465 Tales Of An Almost Mommy
1 270
I am a 30-something suffering from the 'baby jones.' Much like an addict, it’s this uncontrollable urge to want to have a baby. In college, the ‘baby jones’’ crept in like clockwork twice a year. It was easy to push aside. Now, I’m jonesing for
466 mammaknowbest
6 270
It's all about family and making it work, spending time together, learning and growing, homeschooling, and living life to the fullest.
467 The Serendipitous Life
0 270
I'm a writer working on my first novel while raising four children and keeping one fiendishly clever dog out of the garbage. I'm trying to maintain my sanity and sense of humor in this wacky universe I call, my life.
468 My Business Adventures
0 269
A Mom's Real Time Journey Starting a Business for the 1st Time. Join me as I share my successes, failures, lessons learned, resources, inspiration and more.
469 1 Girl, 4 Boys, Paradise
0 267
A blog about me and my family, home projects, things that kids do, milestones, blending a family, tweens and toddlers.
470 irinaindira's design
1 267
A blog about my hobby,sewing...
471 money money money
1 265
money money money everyone loves money..but is it true very hard to get money?..fill our time by learning enjoy something whch could generate money..eventho its not everything but its smthing powerful 'thing' could change somthing..sure you'll love it..
472 Anon Postscript
1 265
A mother, wife, New Yorker, Indian-American, and travel enthusiast. As I transition to motherhood, I started the blog in May 2009 to connect with like-minded people dealing with the sometimes overwhel
473 A Mothers Devotion
0 264
One mothers stories, links, tips and product reviews.
474 The Artis 6
0 264
A day in the life of a mom with six little ones. Enjoy the ups, downs, and all arounds that come with being a large family, and loving it!
475 CreativeMommy
18 262
I am a stay at home mom for my son Clay who was born 09/2008. I made this blog to share my many motherly tips, coupons and new baby & toddler finds. Great links for new moms and moms to bed on car seats, strollers, diapers and formula. Tons of links to o
476 kari and kijsa
0 262
Two sisters take on the decorating world, a little home improvement, and that wall color in your living room that you just can't get right.
477 Free Advertising for WAHM's
1 261
Here you may find free ways to advertise for the work at home mommy. Also, you will find free ways to make money from home.
478 Zavey Bug
2 261
This blog is intended to share and remember my journey through motherhood and connect with other mothers online. I am terrified of bugs in real life, but love my Zavey Bug.
479 MamaLaw
0 261
Welcome to MamaLaw! A group blog about three moms and wives who just happen to be lawyers too. We have seven kids between us which means that we have no shortage of funny stories, touching moments, reasons to rant and the occasional kernel of parenting wi
480 Queen of Free
0 259
Daily helping you save money and get something for nothing!

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