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Your guide for living, eating, shopping & playing in the OC. We post about everything... our favorite go-to recipes, to latest & greatest boutiques, kid friendly restaurants, Disneyland tips & tricks,

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0 727 has coupon codes, deals, and freebies updated daily--now with printable grocery coupons. Check our blog for giveaways and product reviews!
102 Petit Elefant
0 726
I'm a magazine-style parenting blog for women and parents of all ages. I do product reviews, giveaways, crafts, recipes, gardening, and anything having to do with being a parent in today's world. Come say hello, I'm very friendly!
103 The Adventures of Saia & Chago
0 725
6-year-old boy/girl twins, two moms, two dogs, and a whole wide world to terrorize.
104 The Attic Girl
2 722
I blog about great books I read, parenting, and family life.
105 Woven by Words
12 722
I do family friendly book reviews & giveaways, product reviews, family updates, and pictures of our lives.
106 MaryBeth Isaac
0 722
blog about blogs - giveaways, product reviews, kids, parenting and family.
107 My Trendy Tykes
25 717
A kid chasing, face wiping, dish washing, laundry folding, homeschooling, boo boo kissin', blog lovin' stay at home mom.
108 My Life as a Trimommy
19 715
The adventures, mishaps and everything in between of a mommy who is also a triathlete (and so much more.)
109 An Island Life
25 714
Full-time mommy, part-time flight attendant, occasional wife . . . living a chaotic life in Hawaii. My greatest fear is that there is no PMS and this is my personality.
110 Yes, they are all mine
0 714
Mom to almost 7 kids blogging about my life and whatever else strikes my fancy.
111 Personalized Creations Bangles Beads Bows
5 714
I show off scrapbook layouts and designer kits. I also discuss daily blog prompts and advertise my bow and jewelry business. Women's issues are discussed daily.
112 The Life of the Twenty Something Mum
0 713
My blog tells you all about life with my two monsters-sorry Children, Chrissy aged 2 and a half (but going on 13) and Edward aged 1 (but was 3 months early). I also review products in my own honest way, so if they're pants I say so.
113 ahappyhippy mom
5 713
I’m a happy SAHM of two angelic children (1 and 12)and a wife (17 years) to the “cookie critic” They keep my days hectic but very fulfilled.

My passions include organic foods, natural products, and
114 What's That Smell?
1 711
The adventures in life and parenting of 2 accidental mommies.
An "Accidental Mommy" is a mommy who never thought she was mommy material but has learned through poop, spit-up and tears that she has
115 Pink Lemonade
12 707
What happens when you put together a Mom, a Dad and two great kids?... Anything can and DOES happen! Join us along the way, laugh with us, cry with us and learn that if life gives you lemons - just m
116 A View from Carmine Superiore
2 699
Mother-over-40 raises two trilingual children in a tiny medieval village perched high on an outcrop of rock overlooking Italy's stunning Lago Maggiore - with no vehicle access...
117 Virginia Claus
6 690
I'm a local NH wife and mom. I have a 3.5 year old daughter, Lucy and a 2.5 year old son, Evan. I am trying to eat and live locally for the health and enjoyment of our family! Come join this crazy little ride...
118 Living Water Christian Academy
78 690
Join our homeschool family of 5 as we strive to educate our children in a Christ centered environment. Stop by to see what projects we're working on.
119 Mommie911
0 688
We have launched this site and blog series to help moms everywhere to be the best moms they can be by providing the tools, resources and articles to help keep your sanity, happiness and family intact while juggling 500 things at one time. This site is cre
62 688 A Blog Helping Families Get Out of Debt, save money, and help with a TON of other family matters!

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