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Tara's View of the World
I am an imperfect pastor's wife and an imperfect stay at home mother of 3 beautiful children. Olivia is 2 years old, Owen is 5 years old, and Aiden is 6 years old and has recently been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (high functioning Autism). Blogging i

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1 The Adventures of Supermom
681 3905
As a mother of four children ranging in age from a teenager to an infant I deal with a lot of things that mothers can relate to.

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2 Frugal Girls!
0 3145
Frugal Girls is a positive and fun site dedicated to helping you save $$ and stretch your dollars by finding the best bargains, hottest coupons, thrifty meals and outrageous deals! Come join the Frugal Girls, as we live well with less $$!
3 SwagGrabber
288 2591
..."saving" you from paying too much!

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4 Mom Made That!
262 2459

A place to LIST, SHOP, and SUPPORT mom-owned businesses.
5 Penelope's Oasis
379 2452
A great site with fun information, great reviews and fabulous give-aways!
6 3 Kids and Us
209 2380
Balancing life as a work from home mom to two, with our third surprise pregnancy.
7 Kids ~ Stuff ~ World
141 2324

An online resource for parents, teachers and adults. A great place for finding things to do, tons of great stuff, and ways to make the world just a little bit greener.
8 Firefly Shop
271 2268
Firefly Shop is one place where I can escape and be myself. The blog is intended to be about my life as a wife, stay-at-home-mom, family drama, my opinions and dreams.
9 I'm Living Proof that God Has a Sense of Humor
135 2159
I'm a stay-at-home mother to 2 sets of twins. Life is fun...oh, did I mention it's also crazy, chaotic and completely overwhelming?? With that said, I wouldn't change a thing....okay, maybe one thi
10 The Mommy-Files
393 2145
I talk about motherhood, family fun activities, and do product reviews and giveaways
11 Mom Spark
106 2043

Mom Spark is a cool blog for moms. It is a place to bond, discuss and share funny stories, recipes, tips, demonstration videos, favorite things and fabulous giveaways! It's the place to go to laugh and learn with other moms without leaving your home! (and
12 L.A. Stylist Mom
159 1996
I'm a Los Angeles based wardrobe stylist and mother, providing affordable ideas and advice to moms with limited time and resources for fashion. I also answer specific reader questions, in practically
13 Mamahood, Among Other Things...
456 1958

Musings and ramblings about life with two precocious tikesters and life in Hong Kong.
14 Soy Mama
287 1934
My life with my little girl: Sofia Milagros. Tickcers & blinkies & more!. Mi vida junto a mi hija. Una mama argentina en Cancun.
58 1788

A 30 something Mommy with 2 little ones looking for the Extraordinary in every day and hoping to remind other mommys of the Extraordinary job they are doing
16 Coupon Cravings
0 1679
My site is dedicated to helping other moms save money with coupons, freebies and resources.
17 A Military Wife's Mayhem
639 1592
I'm a military wife, and a mom. Let the mayhem begin! Follow me and my family while we go through life and Clp. Mayhem's deployment in April 2010
18 Parenting By Trial and Error
155 1512
Discussions, giveaways, humor, parenting advice and opinions galore! Come on over, share your stories & enhance the conversations.
19 Mamuchas BLOG
146 1511

All the info that your maternity needs. Pregnancy, babies, birth-control methods, labor and postpartum, parenting and nursing tips, pediatrics, women health and more! SPANISH SITE.
20 Kids..Me & RAW III
125 1489

A raw and honest look at what it means to be a wife of a red headed sports nut, mother of 3 boys and a girl, professional booger sucker and 30 something woman. Done sometimes gracefully, but always hu

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